We are a mobile coffee café with a revolution that is inspired by the values and beliefs of the Rasta way. We are dedicated to only supplying you with organic coffee. Free from unnecessary chemicals, artificial colours and other additives, our coffee is delicious, vibrant, and always absolutely natural.

We at Rise Rasta believe in freshness, organic coffee to honour the earth as well as ourselves. To achieve this, we support our local farms and those using sustainable agricultural practices, ensuring that we only source and provide environmentally conscious coffee that are as good for the planet’s health as they are for yours.

One practice that we are particularly proud to support is our organic coffee farmers. Not only is this Fair Trade to provide our growers with a reliable income, but it is also beneficial for the forests in which the coffee is grown – rather than cutting down trees to make way for the coffee plants, the coffee grows in the shade of the existing forest, allowing plants and animals to continue living there. This is just one of the ways in which we strive to care for our natural world.

Rise Rasta also proudly supports local indigenous company Waddi Spring Water

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